Sunday, August 31, 2008

Courtney is 4 Months old (redo)

Okay, She is starting to sit up and hold up her head! She is starting to giggle and there is nothing in this world cuter then a baby giggling!! She is eating more and is pretty much sleeping thought the night! She is still a very good baby! She is trying to talk baby talk! She loves to watch Andrew and Lauren play around! She is grabbing things and trying to put in her mouth! I don't know how much she weighs because I just switched insurance and I need to find a new doctor! But I will up that later! Wow, I can't believe that another month has gone bye but we have made it though all this craziness!

It's about time!!

Well this last week I was determined to take on the Mierzejewski last name! So I drove down to the near by social security office! Took out three kids and walk in and took and number. Waited there for about 10min. while every one look at me like I was crazy and that I had too many kids! Then the lady told me that I was at the wrong office, and that I had to go clear across town. So it was still early and I was already out and so I decided to go! Well we got there and I took my three crazy kids and we waited for about 1hour and a half! We took a number and I let my kids out and let them play around for a little bit. Then the mean security people came up to me and told me that if I don't control my kids then he was going to kick me out! My kids weren't even being that bad! I was so mad that I put my kids in the stroller and sat them right by there office so that they would here them cry! Well I finally got out of there and it is finally done! So now I am a Mierzejewski!!! It only took 4 years!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Finally finished it last night!! Love it!! Althought I want more to the rest of the story, but thats okay! It was a long book but I got though it!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Well I don't think so!

So I was talking to my mom on the phone tonight and I was talking about my blog! She was telling me that I spend way to much time on the computer! Well I really don't think that I spend all that much time on here, b/c I know a lot more people that spend way lots more time than me! I only wish that I could have more computer time! I told her that she is still stuck in the old school ways and she needs to become more updated!! I love you mom, but sometimes you are crazy!!!

Pool Boy

Gross! But thought that it would be funny!

So I sit in my backyard in my lawn chair in my sexy bathing suit! I am getting a nice tan! I have someone fanning my face while the kids are playing quietly in the house with the nanny! I am eating grapes that someone is feeding me! And I am watching the pool boy clean our pool!! HAHAHAHA

I am so funny! Our guy doesn't look like this, but I think that I am soooo funny!

Michael You are Fired!!

No don't change you computer color the pool is really green! Michael has been working on it, but it just isn't cutting it anymore!! Since I am the boss of my house I had to let him go! Sorry Michael but please stick to what you are go at (dentistry)! Love you though!!

Thanksgiving 2008

So it looks like we are going to Omaha for thanksgiving! Yes, that's right I am taking three kids on a airplane, it should be tons of fun!! The only thing that sucks is that Lauren turns two on the 21st of November and we are flying on the 26th, so we have to pay for everyone but Courtney! That okay, we had the kids so we better pay for them!!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Girl Lauren

Lauren is a such a busy body and doesn't love to cuddle very much! So to make her cuddle with me I play this little game, I say "night night Lauren" and then she lays her head on my arm, then I say "wake up" and she pops up her head and we do it for a little while! She is my little princess! She is such a great eater and loves all food! She loves to go to bed and loves her blankets and stuffed animals! She always wakes up happy!! But when her brother is involved it is a whole different story! She has to have and do everything that he is doing! She talks so good and clear! She can say about 100 or more words and she sometimes put 2-3 words together! I think that she is so smart (well I am her mom)!! Just Loving Lauren!

Free Giveway!!!

Andrew Michael Mierzejewski is three years old. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He is very active and hard to control. He is very cute!

Just kidding, but some days I wonder!

He got up last night (2am) and was screaming at the top of lungs for about a hour! Michael went to check on him and he was still screaming, so I go to check on him! I end up staying in there for about a 15 min. then I realized that he wasn't going to sleep and I was very uncomfortable so I decided to take Andrew into our bed. Andrew kept taking to me and not sleeping! So at 3am I rocked him to sleep and it finally seem to be working! Then he woke up a 8am screaming for his dad! Oh my gosh, I just want to send him far away some days!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So Sad

Well after much thought we decided to get rid of the cat! Andrew was in love with the cat and after playing with it he would rub his eyes and scratch his skin. I didn't think that he was as allergic as I was, but he was! I felt bad taking the cat to the animal shelter! Maybe they can find a good home for it! I just told Andrew that we were taking it home and he seemed okay with that! On the way there Andrew was holding it and the cat was licking his face, like please don't take me to the the animal shelter! I am so sorry, it was so hard!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The End

The day was ended with a golden rino!
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Petting the animals

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the two head turtle

Sponge Bob


It was a hot day!!
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San Deigo Wild Zoo Park

Feeding the birds
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What can I say....So amazing!!
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Toddler place

This place was so cool! It had lots of things for the toddlers to do! I wish we could have spent more time there!
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Having Fun

Elmo 3d show

Hanging out with Bert and Erine

went on a ride

lookin cute
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Pink Flamingos

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