Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day

I made this cute cake for Michael and his dad Ski!! Its a tie cake and it says #1 Dad! I think that it is cute!! Michael and his dad loved it!
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Picnic Deer Creek

Andrew and the dog went all over the woods and had a great time getting muddy!

Michael parents were in town and we went up to Mt. Charleston and had a little picnic! It was so great to get out of the city and get some fresh air! Deer Creek was fun and a little stream and the kids/dog love playing in it!

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Big girl bed!

I put the toddler bed in Courtney's room and her crib was still up, I wanted to see if she would stay in there and if she got out I would just put her back in her crib! The first night I just laid her down and said goodnight and she didn't even move and quickly went to sleep and it pretty much has been the same thing ever since!! Its weird because the other kids gave us a fight before bed! So its nice to have one who loves to sleep as much as I do!!! So now, after 5 years, we don't have a crib in the house!!! Its bittersweet!!
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Courtney 1st Hair Cut

Courtney is now 2 and she still had all her baby hair and I didn't really want to cut her hair because that meant that she was growing up!! Well I told the lady to do it short, with a A line(longer in the front) I love it and she does look all grown up(mommy is sad) She loved getting her hair cut, she didn't move and did what the lady asked! My little princess!!!
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Monday, June 7, 2010

My Two Babies

I love this picture!! Its so cute! It really describes their relationship, which is pure love!
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Pool Time

It feels like everyday for the last week we have been living in our bathing suits! The kids and I have been swimming and I am getting a awesome tan!! My kids love these floating tubes and it great because they can pretty much swim all by themselfs, it great!! My pool is still a little cold, but we are going to get a solar heater really soon! I am so excited because I think the kids will love it even more!! I feel like now the kids are getting older and they can all go, and I am so happy about that because we are getting our money's worth!!
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I love my little dog, he is just so cute!!
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School out for summer

Preschool is over for these two! They have had a wonderful year and learned tons!! Andrew has been supper happy to be out of school, he was so ready to have the summer break!! Lauren loved school and wants to go back!! They both have had fun with teacher and friends!! It is so nice not to have to be anywhere and to take a break from driving!! We will be relaxing this summer for sure!!
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