Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cub scouts camp out

The boys and the family's had a great time! We did lots of playing around made boats and ate s'mores and did little scouts activities!! The kids did awesome in the tent and slept great! It makes me realized that they can handle more, now that they are older!! I also realized that it was so nice not to haul a bunch of stuff (like when the kids were littler) just to go camping! Awesome!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I love these two! Andrew and Lauren!

Cute Courtney!

She had to be buckled in with her doggie!!!

Stake 5k

Our stake (church) does a race almost every year! 5k=3 miles! So I wanted to run with Andrew cause he likes to run and loves to play around, plus he is getting older so I thought that he could handle it...boy was I wrong! He did the first lap and was dying! So I asked him if he just wanted to wait with dad? Of course not, so we ran and walked it together! At the end he was having such a hard time! But we did finish and we did have a great time!! I was feeling really good and would have been happy to run a little fast oh well I was still so very proud of him!!

Courtney 4th birthday

Courtney turned four's bittersweet! They all are growing up so fast! Trying to keep a four year old happy all day is hard work! She wanted McDonalds for lunch! Then we went to chuck e cheese for a little dinner party! She love all the attention on her! She wanted to have them sing and dance just for her! She got lots of tickets and had a great time! My baby is not so much a baby!! She is into nail polish, arts and crafts, paints, she loves the iPad and skylanders! She loves to jump on the tramp and do gymnastics!! She is a great swimmer and loves going swimming!! I think she is very smart and think that she will do great in preschool!! I love you Courtney happy birthday!!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I decided to go on a cruise, my kids are getting bigger and I haven't done anything like this in 8 years! I would of like Michael to go with me but with him starting a new practice, he just didn't want to take the time off. So I asked one of my best friends to go and she said yes! We drove to LA and hopped on the ship! Michael was working all week so I had to find babysitters and arrange the whole kid thing, and all he had to do was pick them up and put them to bed, oh yeah and feed them :). On the ship there was tons to do from shows to laying out and relaxing, we went to a few comedy shows ate way too much food and just had a great time on the ship! We went parasailing in Catalina and that was my first time, it was really relaxing actually! Then the next day we headed over to Mexico and we took a bus to a blowhole and then did a little swap meet shopping! It was crazy, people were screaming at u trying to get you to buy there stuff! Then the next day was just hanging out on the ship! It was great and so worth it! I hope to do another one with my family someday or another girls trip would be fun too!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Zion's 2012

Michael's parents came into town and we went over to Zion's!! We put our feet into the hot tub that night and enjoyed our rooms! We stayed in a log theme room! The next day we went to the mountain and did a few hikes! Then headed home! It was a very short trip but still had fun!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Baseball game

UNLV baseball game, they were playing against Omaha that's why we went! It was cold night but we all still had a great time! Lauren got a ball, and she was so excited!!! We left early so we don't know who won!!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Andrew turned 7

Yesterday my baby turned 7 years old! He woke up too balloons in his room, then had French toast for breakfast! He requested to bring donuts to school, the kids in his class were so excited! That night we went to chuck e cheese with a few friends and had a great time!
He is into skylanders, Pokemon, star wars and Legos! He is still very active and loves to play outside and rides his bike! He loves to chase the dogs, and pick on his sisters! He is still cuddly and wants mom or dad to love on! He loves to read and reads to his sisters! I love him so much and he has been so fun to watch as he grows! It makes me sad to see it go by so fast!! Love you buddy!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Monday night!

First off we did Dyed Easter eggs! The kids must have been tired or just in a bad mood! Someone was crying the whole time! It made me think, why are we doing this!!! Oh well maybe next year they will be in better moods!

Then we went to a comedy show, it was good to get out and laugh!!! I love to laugh and need to do it more, it's a good stress release!!! We went with some of our great friends!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Today we woke up and had a egg hunt!! The Easter bunny hid all of the eggs around the house and the kids were screaming and giggling with joy!! We headed out to church and came home for a turkey dinner with all the fixings! As always tastes great, thanks to my hubby! Last night we made a a bunny cake so thats what we had for dessert!!! Happy Easter!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter egg hunt!

Egg hunt at Albertsons the kids loved it!! They had two different groups Lauren and Courtney's age group and then the older group for Andrew! Yeah for Easter!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

8 year Anniversary

It was my turn to plan the date and we got to go out to lake mead and do a dinner cruise! I really enjoyed it and thought that it was really romantic!! The boat took us to the Hoover dam, it was something I have never seen before! The food was better then I thought it would be!!! They offer us to renew our vows, and we did, it was fun and cute! The only thing is that I wasn't feeling very good!! I have a head cold, but tried hard to have fun!!! Happy 8 years to my dear husband that I love very much!!! Hope there is plenty more :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

St patties day!

We had a great day!! We went over to the parade in henderson and watch all the floats and people! They had rides to go on and the kids had a great time! It was pretty cold that day and I choose the wrong outfits, we were freezing!!