Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Words of the Moster Man!

Mom- Andrew just stop! You are driving me up a wall!
Andrew- No Mom, you are driving me up my wall!
(I couldn't help but stop and laugh)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sunday Nap

It always feels so good to take Sunday naps with dad! He is so comfy and warm, and Andrew wasn't going anywhere for along time! I should know because this is usually me!
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The Best Part of the Night

Bathtime, brush your teeth, bedtime stories, prayers and off to bed!! What a way to end the day! I love you kids with all my heart!!
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Pool Time

So we now have a gym membership and they have a wonderful place to go swimming and I can drop off Courtney and take Andrew and Lauren swimming! They love it and it was such nice weather!! I am excited to take them swimming more offend because during the day b/c now I have someone watch the baby!
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Courtney Loves bathtime!

My babies love the bath and would like to take on 3 times a day if they could!
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Happy St. Patti's Day

We started the day with green pancakes, the kids loved them!
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Courtney is getting teeth!

Lately she has been chewing on everthing!! Sure enough she has cute little baby teeth! She has been a little grumpy but still very good!
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Monday, March 9, 2009

My mini Vaction!

So I had a wonderful little break from my cute kids and went up to Utah! My best friend Abby is getting married, Yeah! and I wanted to throw her a bridal shower! The shower was wonderful and her friends help out and we all had a great time!
So back to my little trip, I went up Thursday night, I got there about 1am and I stayed at my other best friends house! Diana was waiting for me and when I got there we just started talking and stayed up until 2:30, it was funny because the minute that we decided to go to bed her little boy started crying and so she had to deal with him and I got to go to bed!
Anyway the next day we got up early and went to the spa and got our feet done and facials! Love it! The lady that worked on me was a little new, but I won't talk about that! I will just remember that I did have a great time! Then after the spa we (my mom, Diana, Cindee)did a little shopping, okay a lot of shopping, (we had no kids, mind you) We also had a lunch, the food was to die for! We went to my favorite Utah stores the quilted bear for cute things for my little girls and Ikea stuff for my house! Both stores are huge and require a lot of time! So after driving all over town we went back to Diana house and played my all time favorite game HAND AND FOOT! Till the wee hours in the morning!
The next day was fill with...(can you guess?) more shopping!! I had to get stuff for the shower and go to some crafty stores!
Then we had the shower, and Abby was so cute and I am so happy that she has found the man of her dreams! Jared if you are reading this, you better be nice to her or I am going to have to kill you, jk, no really, jk, no really! Anyway she will be a beautiful bride!
After the shower I went up to SLC to see my great friend Rebecca and we went to a Ice Cream shop and talked for hours, it was so nice to see her! Then Sunday came and it was time to go home, it was a short trip but one I will dream of!! The kids did great with the babysitter and Michael, and everyone is still alive! It was the first trip that I have taken in four years, and it was well deserved! I think that I should do it more often!

Pictures are comeing when my friends send them to me, hahaha!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lauren Taylor

I just love this picture of Lauren! She is a little diva and loves to look pretty! She does have a little attitude and wants things right then and now!! But she is also a great helper and sweet when she wants to be! My little princess!
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Sunday Morning

I bought these way cute dress when I was in utah last week and I love them! I just love Lauren shoes they make the dress! I just think that my kids are the cutest kids in the world!! By the way..When did lauren grow up? She looks so big and it makes me sad!
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Well I guess she was tired!

None of my kids have ever fell asleep in a high chair before... so when I saw this.. I pulled out the camera! I heard her crying but it was anything big, I was getting the other kids ready for the day! It was like 8:45am and I just got up and I gave her breakfast! I was so cute, my little Courtney must be growing!
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The New M Resort Casino

This is how we roll with three active kids!

Look at all the new stuff!

It is a nice new casino and it will have a mall in about a year! It is about 5 min. from our house so that will be nice! Yeah, for more shopping!!
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