Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Here She is!!

Okay well I am so tried right now but I need to post these pictures! I know that a lot of you are wanting to see what she looks like!! She came out with red hair, but it is now very blonde like her sister! She has dark blue eyes, but that will change as you all know! She has been a great baby and been sleeping really good!! She has been getting up every 3-4 hours to be changed and feed!! My hospital stay was very nice and relaxing!! I did have lots of visits from my friends so that was very nice!! My kids came everyday and it was so nice to see them! I missed them very much!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Courtney Jane Mierzejewswki

She was born on April 25 at 10:48! She weighed 6 pounds 11 ounces and was 171/2 long! My biggest baby!! The c-section was far better than I could have hope, my doctors were great and I love all my nurses! I am still in the hospital and I leave tomorrow in the morning! I will put some pictures up tomorrow when I have some time! Everything went great!! Andrew and Lauren love having a little sister!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tomorrow Morning!

So here we go!! Tomorrow at 9:30 I have my c-section!! I am a little worried but I hope all will go well!! I will put up pictures in the next few days!! Wish us luck!!!

Andrew Testing

Well I wanted to update you all on how Andrew testing went! I have been concerned about his development, since he was a preemie! The test checks everything out from talking to movement to motor skills to hearing to disabilities!! He was so cute with the lady's that did the test!! He sat there and did everything they loved him!! I am happy to say he is where a three year old should be!!! Although he is behind on his speech! So they will be working with him twice a week at the elementary school!! It will be so good for him!! Right now nobody can really understand Andrew when he is talking, but me! I know mostly the words that he is saying!! So hopefully when he goes to school he will be caught up!! But other than that he is fine and will do great!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Logandale Fair

Daddy won this dog for the kids, they both got them!! Lauren loves her dogs and has to sleep with it every night!! So Cute

Yummy Yummy Funnel Cake

They loved the rides!!

Andrew wanted to sit by these boys and not his sister, so Lauren rode all by herself!!

Flyin airplanes


Lauren loved the bunnies!!

Yes, andrew dosen't have any shoes on!! He would not keep them on and so I gave up and this is how he went about the rest of the day!! Crazy Kid!

We had a very exciting day last Saturday!! We thought "hay it would be fun to go to the fair", well the fair was fun but getting there was a very different story!! We got up and got ready to go, I need to stop by babies r us to pick something up, okay now lets go!! It is about a hour away from Las Vegas!! So all of a sudden we are outside Vegas and Michael shouts we are out of gas!!! We have been driving for about 20 to 30 min. already!! No gas station to be found!!! So we call our friends to bring us some gas, and since they are the nicest people in the world they took a 1 hour break from there relaxing Saturday to bring us gas!! They are the best and we owe them big time!!! So then we are still on are way!! We stop and get gas!! Now it is about 11:00 and we are all getting hungry, we thought that we would just eat at the fair!! Well we didn't end up getting there until around 3:00pm!! There happen to be a accident right when we were trying to get on the on ramp!! So we sat there for hours!! I was so hungry and tried and the kids were worn out!! But we got there and it was so much fun!! The kids saw tons of animals and they went on a bunch of rids together! It might have been a long day, but it was so much fun just hanging out together!! I would be willing to do the fair again!! But pregnant women need to eat or they will get grumpy!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

Andrew little birthday party!! We had such a big one last year that we just had a few close friends come over for dinner/cake and ice cream!! It was perfect!! Andrew loved running around the house with the other kids!! Happy Birthday Andrew

Andrew is Three!!

I cant believe that this day is finally here!! My little boy Andrew is now three and can do so much!! I remember sitting in the hospital wondering about the things that would happen in his future and it is everything that I would want it to be (so far)!! I am so grateful that he is part of are lives!! He has made me smile everyday and I won't want a day without him!! Andrew can now say tons of words and he is trying to say more and more everyday!! He loves his friends and asked for them everyday!! He loves to play outside and run around the rock and roll gym!! He is very active little boy!! Andrew loves his sister but he is still mean to her from time to time!! Lauren puts up with a lot but she can be just as mean back!! Soon andrew will have another little sister and he will have to be the big brother and watch out for them!! I love you andrew and I am so happy that you are here!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Maternity Pictures!!

I am so happy!! They turned out to be so cute!! My friend Angela Mildon is such a great photographer!! She is so good!! I am so glad that we have become such great friends and our kids love each other too!! She has her own little studio at home, I am very jealous, I want to be a photographer like that some day!!
Well I have only a couple of weeks left and then the new baby will be here!! We have agreed on a name.......Courtney Jane Mierzejewski we both love it!! So wish us luck, its going to be a crazy year!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Grandma Cindy

Two weeks ago my mom came down!! My kids love it when grandma is here!! She hasn't visited since last November!! When we went on our date, Andrew said goodbye mommy!! He didn't have a major melt down and we left without him crying, it was so nice!! I wish that my mom could move in with us or live close by us!! Michael has said since the day we got married that my mom is more than welcome to live with us!! Michael loves my mom and the have such a great relationship!! But I don't know if she could handle my kids all the time!! She wears herself out when she is here!! She is constantly playing with them and gives them whatever they want!! But that's what grandma does best!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thomas S Monson

I am so happy that he is our new prophet!! He moved me so much I was crying!! I am excited to see what he will do in his years of service!! My kids didn't do very good while watching it, but maybe in the next 10 years they'll understand and sit and watch!!

I am going to make a goal and work really hard at it!! It is to stop complaining about the stupid things in life!! My life is so great and I have so many things to be happy for!! I want my husband and kids to know that I am a strong person and that I have a happy life!! It will be very hard for me because I like to complain, I think it makes me feel a little better, but in the long run in makes me look bad and people might want to feel sorry for myself!! I don't want that, I want people to look at me like I am a strong mom, wife, women.... So here I go!!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Lauren Loves Rock and Roll

She is so cute at the rock and roll!! She dances to the music and plays with all the kids!! She does all the moves in the songs that they sing!! And she loves the bubbles it is her favorite part!! She has really growing up and being a big girl!!