Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lauren Gymcats

This little girl was sooo happy to be back!! She was waiting at the door just wanting her class to start! She too is really good at gymnastics and is moving to the next class and she will be a cub!! I did buy her a new leotard, and doesn't she look so cute??? I am so happy they love it!!!
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Andrew Gymcats

Andrew is back in gymnastics!! When I told him that we are going back he has been so excited, he told me " I love gymcats" He is doing sooo good! They will move him up to the next level if he continues to keep listening to his teacher! The teacher told Michael and I that he got all the right skills to move up, but sometimes he has a hard time listening!! So he will be a super cub in about two weeks!!
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

This kid is going to give me gray hair!

So last night I locked the car so Andrew wouldn't get out!! He is stubborn sometimes!! Well he slept in our bed last night and I woke up and he was gone, so I asked Michael to see where he was (thinking that they were in the playroom)!! Michael came back to the bedroom and said that Andrew and Lauren were gone again!! WHAT???? How did he get out??? Michael got dressed and ran outside and there they were playing down the street!! Andrew moved the coffee table to the front door and was tall enough to move the chain!! So once again at 8am they were running around outside!! Some how Lauren took off her diaper and was running around naked!! I have been really mad at Andrew lately because of this!!! Why won't this kid listen!! Well it looks like we are getting a alarm system, so if anyone opens any door it will go off!! I have been wanting to get one anyway just because we live in Las Vegas!! Our neighbors are great and I hope that they don't hate us!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

"But heavenly Father is watching me"

So about a week and a half ago Michelle left to go run an errand one evening. I was watching the kids and decided to do the dishes. The three kids were going to go in and out of the garage a few times just playing around, I didn't think anything of it. As I was finishing the dishes I realized that Courtney was watching TV and the other 2 were still in the garage, for maybe about 5 min. "What are they doing in there?" So I go into the garage, and the garage door is open 2 feet and no kids in sight! Andrew stood on something to be tall enough to push the button and Lauren and him escaped. I found them about three houses down, knocking on doors attempting to find friends to come play. I brought them back home and we had a little discussion about what happened. Three days later on my way home from work, guess what Michelle tells me happened? She was doing something, and Andrew stood on something in the garage without her knowledge, opened the garage door and took Lauren on another adventure through the neighboorhood knocking on friends' doors to see if they could play. So I made a detour to Lowe's on my way home and installed a box around the garage door button. The box is a pain in the rear to open, I can barely open it, there's no way a 4 year old can open it and get out, right. Since we already had the discussion of not going out the garage, and he did it again, we decided to make it impossible for him to get out. Fast forward a few days to this morning. Right around 7 am Michelle and I wake to one of our neighbors walking into our bedroom! She says Andrew and Lauren were pounding on her door wanting to come play! How in the world does my 4 year old open that box that I can barely open and get out? Well, sure enough, there was something pulled under the button to open the garage door, but he had no luck. Looking around, he had opened up the door to Michelle's van, and searched for the garage door opener, opened the garage door, and the only way I know how he did it was he left the van door open. So again we have the discussion about leaving the house without your parents. At this point we lock Andrew in his room, you see, when we moved into this house, his room was set up with the door handle inside-out so you could lock it from the outside. Well about three minutes later Andrew is walking around the house again! How in the world did he do that?!? His door was locked. Sure enough, he unplugged a lamp in his room, dragged it over to the door, and used the metal prongs to pick the lock. What kind of kid do I have. That incites us even more. We talk with Andrew some more about listeneing to our parents and not going outside by ourselves, that we can only go outside when we have our parents with us. he informed us he wasn't alone that he took Lauren along. Well yeah, but that's worse that you took your 2 year old sister aolong. That's when he had the audacity to say "But Heavenly Father is watching me." Like that gives him permission to go wondering the streets Sat. morning before 7 am, because Heavenly father is watching him. Really?!?!? This is from a 4 year old. I didn't start sneaking out of the house until I was a teenager (Mom, Dad, I never really snuck out of the house without you knowing :) What am I going to have to deal with in another 9 years? What a crazy kid. So sorry to all my neighbors who had kids banging on their door early Sat. morning. We now have to make a concious effort to lock our car doors while in the garage, so that we don't have a four year old find the garage door opener and escape. Lesson learned. Any suggestions how we stay one step ahead of a four year old, I'm pretty sure he's already passed my level of understanding and deviousness.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not a Baby anymore

It makes me sad that she is not a baby anymore!! I am happy that she is walking around and growing up, but it doesn't seem that long ago when I had her!! Time goes by so fast!! I love you Courtney!!
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Cooking with Grandma

Andrew and Lauren love to help in the kicten! Sometimes it is hard but they love to cook with me!! When grandma is here she always makes pumkin bread for the kids and of course they wanted to help her too!! The kids love pumkin bread and we all eat it up!! Yummy Yummy!!
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Pool Fun with friends

Some of these pictures are sooo cute!! We always have a great time with our friends! The kids love the slide and went down it like a hundred times!!
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Lauren's Pink Bike

Lauren has had this bike since Christmas!! She has finally learned how to ride it!! She is getting sooo big!
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The Barbie Car

So since Andrew was born I wanted to get him a cool car or hummer, but when we went to see how much they were, we just couldn't do it! My neighbor was having a yard sell and they were selling it for really cheap, and it was in great condition!! I don't care that's its pink, I do have two girls!!! But Andrew will look back at these photos and might be embarrassed or something!! He loves it and wants to drive it all the time!! Lauren get mad that she can't steer all that well so she doesn't like it all that much! Courtney loves it too, and loves Andrew to drive her all around!
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Ice Cream

Courtney has been a little grumpy lately, I think that it is because she is teething. She still has only two little teeth so someday I am sure her other teeth will come in! So I gave her this yummy popicle and she loved it! She loved making a mess too, thankgoodness she is so cute messy!!
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Monday, August 10, 2009

The grass isn't greener...

Andrew must be bored because all I hear all day long is..."Can (a friend) come over??" "Can I go to (a friend) house?" Or we met random people at the store and he invites them over! Not just talking about just kids, but grandparents, teenagers, but mostly GIRLS! I am kinda of getting sick of it!! It is all day long, and I wish that he would just relax and play with himself! I hope that he doesn't always have to entertain, and that he can find peace with where he is at!! Life is not about always being entertain!! I feel like he has to be always doing something!! The grass isn't always greener on the other side!! Sometimes I am the same way, always looking for the bigger and better things!! But I too need to be reminded that I just need to stop and relax and enjoy life!!! Andrew loves his friends so much and we are so grateful to have them!! But it is so nice to have a family and to be nice to them too!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Andrew Surgery

Andrew had his surgery and overall did really good!! The first few days were filled with lots of sleeping!! He didn't eat very well!! We were told to give him soft stuff like yummy popsicles or pudding! But he wanted a cheese sandwich! Andrew breath was HORRIBLE for about a week!! It smelled like something died in there!! His ears hurt a little!! He had a hard time talking b/c he was so whine! Now he is good!! He has completely stop snoring!! He still gets up in the middle of the night but the doctor said that might because of "being a toddler" But I have tried to hear him sleep and he doesn't stop breathing that makes me happy!! I do feel like he is sleeping better!!! I am so glad that we were able to do this for him, I think that in the long run it will be better for him!!!
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