Saturday, September 27, 2008

Just Smiles

Health and Beauty Expo, Our Family, I just love that Andrew isn't looking at the camera!

Michael's Team, everyone in his office

Very cool sign! Be like Mike!! He is such a hottie!

They did a basketball theme, if you make the basket you get a free item! It was so much fun!
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Hanging out at the expo

This is Candy! She is awsome! She put this whole thing together! She is the office Manager and we all love her! She is great with the kids!!

Daddy and Andrew

Lauren playin ball

Trying to basketball!
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The fun goodies

Toothbrushes and floss

We did a drawing for the bigger stuff

Michael business card! They turned out awesome!

Some random person trying to make a basket!
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Sister Love

Lauren loves little Courtney and always gives her kisses! She also takes care of her and tries to give her a bottle and a binky!
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Coach Michelle

That's right I am the soccer coach for the 3 year olds! On top of everything else I have to do, right! Well it is really fun and the kids really just want to play, but I do hope that they will learn something! Our first game is Oct. 4th wish us luck!! Andrew wasn't feeling very good yesterday at practice so that's why he looks so grumpy in all the pictures!!
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Andrew is getting better

Andrew is getting so good on this crap of a bike! He loves it and want to play outside everyday! I am so excited for Christmas to get here, so Santa can get him a new bike! Anyway here he is doing so good!!

The second day he was riding his bike, I told him a car was coming and that he needed to get over to the sidewalk which he was doing!! He is getting really good at moving when cars come down our street (which is hardly ever) Well he got a little to close to the parked car and the bike doesn't have handle bars, so this is what happen!! Sad Sad, but it is our neighbor car and they are super nice! We told them that we would fix it for them and that we were very sorry!!

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Workin Hard

Clean the garage, trust me it look a lot worse

Mowing the lawn every Friday!

putting up decorations

I made this little sign that saids "welcome sleep must be truly enjoyed Please Knock Softly" It turned out to be so cute!!
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Lauren Rock and Roll Class

So while Andrew is in preschool I take Lauren to the rock and roll class! We took the summer off and now we are back! (we haven't took a break since we moved here) Jon said that he missed us and we missed him too! He is so great with the kids! Lauren is sooo different when Andrew is not around! She is more quiet and loves to be around me more! She listen to me and is very good!! Although you can start to see the wonderful two are coming and that will be so much fun!!!
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Courtney 5 Months old

Courtney is now 5 months old! She can roll around a little, and is starting to sit up! She smiles and giggles all the time! She is sleeping though the night! She loves her bed and loves to sleep in her bed! At around 7:30 she is ready to go to bed! She cries and cries, then you put her in her bed and you don't hear a peep! Unless the Binky falls out! I took her to the doctor yesterday and she is 25% in weight and 5% in height! So she is Super short and very skinny! All of my kids are! But she is very healthy and happy! Next month we will start her on baby food! Also yesterday she got three shots, which she wasn't very happy with! She got a little fever last night and was a little grumpy today! I would be grumpy too!
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Friday, September 19, 2008

Enjoying The Moment

Lately I have been so happy!! Happy with my kids, life, my wonderful husband, the Gospel, everything! I can tell you that it wasn't always like this, that's for sure! I am just so grateful for my little family and I love them so much!
Andrew, he is talking so much more and is going to school and is learning so much! He makes me so proud!!
Lauren, she is also talking more and more! She is loving the more time with mommy thing! She loves that I take her to all these classes! She loves to get compliments like "you are so pretty"
Courtney, she is moving around more and is a lot of fun! At the park today, I put her in the swing and she loved it, and started to giggle and giggle, it was so cute!! She is growing up way to fast and I want her to stay little!

I could go on and on about my kids but I am super tired but I just wanted to write this before it changes!!

I have been looking at them and just watching them and I am so luck and grateful for them!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Time

It is something that you can feel in the air! You can smell it and feel it! I love this time of year and I truly miss the real 4 seasons!! I am so happy that I live in Vegas, but sometimes I just miss the rocky mountains! One of my favorite reasons of loving the fall is because winter is coming and I love winter and snow! I love wearing long sleeved shirts and jackets!! I get to wear cute clothes this winter because I am not pregnant! I get to go skiing also!! I just love this time of year!! Can't you just picture yourself walking through the leaves? So much fun!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

My grandpa birthday was yesterday and he turned 80 years old!! I wanted to wish him a happy birthday on my blog!!

Reason I love my only grandpa!!!
1. He still exercise, he rides bikes, go swimming, walks, he is very active at the YMCA
2. He loves technology and is concisely learning the new things!!
3. He is still married to my grandma!!
4. He is still a snowbird and loves to come up to Utah!! He mostly does this for my grandma!
5. He is a great example!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Loving it!!

So about a month ago Michael bought new computers for his office and took us to the Fry's store! There it was, starring at me saying "buy me buy me", so I asked Michael and he was already buying so much, I thought that he would say NO, but he didn't! So now I have a 27' computer flat screen and I love it!!
Then last week when Michael was home all week, he would keep getting on the computer and he would say..."man this computer is sooo slow we need to upgrade" Well he got fed up and order a awesome HP computer! I love it and my computer is so much faster and cooler!! It is the coolest!! (that's for Abby) Thanks Michael you are the best husband ever!!


Why are these sooo good?? I love them and think about them all the time!! You would think that my craving would be chocolate but I guess that it is second! I can sit down and eat tons of these! I try to think that the salsa is good for you because it has tomatoes and pepper, but the salt on the chips pretty much cancel that out! I am suppose to be on a diet and shouldn't be even thinking about these!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Playin in the mall!!

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Potty Trained

So it looks like he is potty trained!! Well sort of, when he is playing he forgets to tell me, but we are working on it!! Today is the first day he went #2 in the potty without throwing up!! Good Job bud I love you!!!

Before this picture he was in my makeup and trying to put mascara on! Now he has a unbrow!! What a goof!
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