Thursday, January 31, 2008


Latey I have been asking this question, Andrew do you have to go potty?? Sometimes I get a yes and sometimes I get nothing, but we are trying!! I would love to get him potty trained before I have the next kid!! I really dont want three in diapers!! He loves to go pee in the potty but we are still unsure about the hole #2 thing!! He loves his thomas underwear, so I hope it will help!! But I have been reading and reading so that it can get done!!


On the way home from the store Michael told me that he dosent like the kids eating stolen bananas!! What???? Thats what I said to him!! Whenever I go to the store the kids get a banana and a cookie from the bakery!! When I go to the check out I always tell the lady to make sure I pay for the banana!! Michael said that there is really no way to pay for the banana and the lady just has to guess from the banana peel!! He asked me if it was worth it to go to hell for .10!! I just laugh at him because it wasn't worth the fight!! But my kids are great with the banana and their free cookie. They sit there so good, so no matter what he sayes I will steal the banana's!!!!!!!!!!!!HAHAHAHAHA

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Our Date Night

We had a great time last night!! We saw the wonderful Mystere Show!! It is so amazing what are body's can do!! Thanks to are great friends who came with us, it was so much fun!! I would like to go to more shows, because I love seeing new things!! We also ate a pf Chang's, Yummy Yummy!! I got a big piece of chocolate cake!! The baby was very happy to get all that sugar because at the show, she kept kicking me the whole time!! Calm down in there!!!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank goodness for the playroom!!

So cute together!!

Dazed and confused with his trains all lined up!

Sitting in the princess chair

So I love our playroom!! All of our toys are in there and we love hanging out in there!! They can make a huge mess and nobody knows anything!! Maybe I have to many toys for them!?! We have bought a T.V. stand so we are upgrading more and more in there so we can spend more time in there!! Love it!!

Air Hockey

So those who know me know I love air hockey! When I lived at home I bought a table and I was the champion!! I could beat everyone REALLY!! Even the guys I use to date!! But there is one person that I cant beat, and it is not fair!! Michael is so good at everything, he wins everything and he is also really good at air hockey!! I think that it is a hand eye thing!! Which I have, but he must do it better!! We bought a table and I love it, but I haven't beat him yet and it drives me crazy!! I will win someday RIGHT!!! Until then I will blame my lost on my big belly, but when I am done, I will kick his butt!!

The love for trains!

Here is Andrew with his trains and his table that we got him for christmas!! He loves it and plays with it everyday for hours!! He makes the trains fall off the track and askes them if they are okay!! He is so happy!!

Am I a soccer mom?

Andrew is now in soccer!! He loves it! We have gone twice and he walks around the house saying "I soccer" It is so cute! He really likes it (which of course he does right, look who is his mom)!! He does like the 2 year old class, but he keeps going over to the 3 year old's, so I talk to the coach they might move him up! So now I am a real soccer mom!! I love it!!


She is so happy that she can walk! She has been walking all around the house with a huge smile!! She also breaths like a dog when she gets going!! It is so funny, I dont know why she does it! My little girl now walking where did the time go??

Bedtime Happiness

Okay!! I have given in!! This is what Andrew needs to go to bed! It is sad but we do it for him!! We first find a binky (which is called bah bah) then we find all of his favorite blankets! Then we try to find all of his trains, which in this pictures is not all of them! I would think that he wouldnt want to move so that he doesnt sleep on them! So it is crazy but he loves it and it makes my life a hole lot eaiser!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Andrew's Hair Cut

I was so ready to get it cut! I was so sick of the long hair! I thought that it would be cool for him to have long hair, but it was more of a hassel then anything! I think it looks so much better and we will have it short for a long time!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Laurens Black Eye

Lauren hit the side of the bathtub poor baby girl!! She had a black eye for about a week!! I felted so bad for her!!

Ready for church

Here they are all ready for chuch! They look so cute!! I don't know that I will be able to get them ready (church ready)anymore because they moved our church time to 9:00am!! Everyone is so happy, but not me!! Now I have to be mean mom and get everyone out the door by 8:30 so we can get there on time!! No more time to sleep in for any of us!! Oh well I hope that we will still be active church members!


Up the hill I go!!
As always The Monster Man loved sledding!!
He was crazy!! Wanting to go down a hundred times!
He would go down on his tummy head first,
pretty good for a two year old!!
He had a great time although at the end he took off
his gloves and he wasn't very happy with the cold
In action, her first time sedding!!
Lauren hated sledding!
She pretty much cried the hole time!
But no matter how mad she was,
she was very cute at it!!