Thursday, April 25, 2013

Courtney's 5th Birthday

Of course I took more pictures than these, but these are the highlights of her wonderful day!  I am sad/happy that she is now FIVE!  My little girl is growing up and I am grateful she has come into our lives!  She is full of fun, energy, personality, and sweetness!! 
Courtney loves to keep up with everyone and is super smart!!  She loves to cook, swim, play on the ipads, play with her stuff animals, and her bother and sister!  I love this girl cuddles, she always loves to climb into our bed in the middle of the night...cause she says she is scared.  She loves Michael and loves to always be around him when hes home!  She has a great memory and she remembers things that we do all the time, I think that will do her good as she gets older!  For her special day we celebrated it at the rock for tea with a few was a great day!!!  Michael made her crepes for her birthday, and she loved them! 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Picnics on the trampoline and taking care of babies and being cute sisters!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Spring festival

At the kids school they have a festival every year...this year it was fun...Andrew got to do more of the bigger boy things and the girls had fun doing all the little activities!! Lauren won the cake we brought home a yummy chocolate cake!! They got face painting and crafts and lots of little toys!! It was a great night!!!

Sunday dinner

Michael is pretty much in charge of Sunday dinner...he makes very good meals!! Anyway I love this seasons the flowers were in bloom and so I pick some!! I think it going to be a tradition to have flowers and Martinelli's!!


I Forgot how much I love playing!!! I am now on two indoor teams and I am worn out, but it been a great workout!! Yesterday I scored a goal and it was awesome!! I would love to get in better shape and do better!!! I got these new indoor shoes and I think they feel great!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I just have some thoughts that I need to get off my chest!! Now that Courtney is turning five and going to kinder next year...I am torn a little about what to do next year?? School?? Find a job?? Stay at home? It's not that I won't be busy here...I would be busy anyway I choose!! I mean she will only be in half day, which is two it will be really nice to get some stuff done and to get on top of stuff!! But I can't help think that my little brook would only be two and I could run and play with her! I know it's not Logical to think it would be all fun and happy! A two year old would be hard and I am so glad that I don't have anyone in diapers!! I do wonder why she didn't want to come to our family?? I wonder if its cause we weren't ready, or maybe she didn't want to be apart of our lives?? Maybe she thought that I was a horrible mom?? Maybe she or god didn't think I could handle it?? I do wish she was here!!! It's weird cause I really wanted a four....but now I don't...mostly I don't want to go though all the heartache!! I wish I had all the answers!! I learned in the church that we WORK (trying to be godly)for all our blessings....I really don't think that's true 100%...I think a lot of it in luck and once you have it then you have to work to keep it!!! Blessing of being a great person has nothing to do with with the out come of your life!!!!! Just a though on my life!!! Oh we'll i'll look forward...hold my head up high and smile for the life i have and the cute kids I do have!!! I'll let life show me what it's got plan for me and I am not going to worry about it so much!!!!

Fun night

We went to a friends 10 year anniversary party it was so cute and they really went all out!! They had yummy food and cake, they had it Vegas style and Elvis did there vows!! It was so cute!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Andrew 8th birthday!


Uncle Jon

He came in to see Michael...we went out to favorite place Archie's!! It's so fun when family come into town!!!


The girls are still Adorable, with crazy hair, lipstick, and ice cream faces!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crazy night

I am so grateful for my dogs and a hubby that owns a gun!!! Last night my dogs were going crazy!! I went downstairs after everyone was sleeping including Michael, I tried to Calm my dogs down! I kept saying be quite, I looked outside and didn't seeing anything but I had a weird feeling!! I got super sacred and went back upstairs....the dogs cool down for a min....then all of a sudden the dogs went crazy again!! I looked in my backyard from the upstairs window to see what they were barking at, all of a sudden I saw a human running around the backyard!! I jumped so high and quickly woke up Michael....I was so scared!!!! Michael went to the safe got his gun and started to see what was going on!! He check the whole house and there was nothing...them he went to the backyard and I was watching from the window upstairs with 911 on speed dial..,then all of a sudden I hear this little kid voice saying don't shoot!!!! He starts to explain that he was at a sleepover and was taking a shortcut home!!! He told me his name and that he was only 12!! I was so mad at this kid!!!! It was 1 clock in the morning and he could have gotten shot!!! I told him not to go on people Properties and to be careful!!! Plus why on earth is he out that late?? Parents please watch your kids even if there 12!!!!!! Anyway he came over today and was super nice and said sorry!! Well I am just glad that we didn't kill anyone last night!! And that we are all safe thanks to my doggies!!!!!

New dress

I love this dress!! It was a little short so I got some lace and add some Length!! I think it is nice!!

Easter build a bear

The kids got Easter bunnys from the Easter bunny :). So of course they wanted to head over there and do them!! They had a blast!!


I am so proud of myself!!! Five years of blogging and trying to keep a recorded of our busy life's!!! It's so nice to have my books!! I look at them all the time!! I hope to keep making them!!!

Lost his tooth :(

He was on his way home from school and he was riding his bike, and start to scream that he lost his tooth, we tried to find it but couldn't find it anywhere!! The tooth fairy still came and I am sure she found it!!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Play date

Oh the girls love to play with there friends!!

Run and hike

I am trying to get in shape!! So I ran to the hill and did a hike!! It was really nice to do and should do it more often!