Sunday, September 6, 2009


So today in Primary Andrew had to give his first talk, and he did great! He said all that I said and like being up there! He gave a talk about prophets!! The theme is about prophet! During sharing time Sister Stott ask if they knew who the prophet is right now and all the kids were thinking and one kid yelled out Thomas S Monson....Andrew Yells THOMAS!! Sister Stott, no no no not Thomas the train!!! I love being in Primary and hearing all the funny things kids say! In my class the girls and boys are so cute and are so much fun! They make me laugh!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Michael finally let me get a dog after wanting one for 6 years!! He name is Mannix Mac Duff! I found his name off a site name cutedognames or something like that and the other part of his name is our street! He is only 4 months old and is under 5 pounds! He is a great dog so far! He loves running around but then is relaxed when someone is holding him! The kids love him and play with him all day long! Andrew and Lauren love to help me feed/water/clean up poop and pee/and help brush him! So far we couldn't be more happier with him!
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I hate myself!!!

So guess what I did?? I left my straighter on all night long!! Kids got up early and was playing around, poor little Courtney touch it and was screaming!! I feel like crap and I feel so bad!! How could I do this?? She is good a good baby and is walking!! I am not going to put shoes on for a while! But yes I do HATE myself!!! Sorry Courtney!!!
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Laurens First Day of PreSchool

Lauren is going to preschool this year! Wow!! I can't believe it! But she is so ready!! The teacher said that she is a great listener and does everything like she is suppose too!! She is going to the same class as Andrew, so she has the same teacher as him! She only goes two days a week, but she loves it!!
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Andrew First Day of PreSchool

Andrew was so excited to go back to preschool!! He will be going three days a week this year!! He is growing up so fast! Next year he will be in kindergarten, wow!! This year he is going to a new school and his new teacher is Mrs. Lacie and she is so nice! She is a great teacher and we love her already!!
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Lied Museum

I took the kids to the museum and they loved it!! Andrew was so happy and got to touch everything! I got a pass so I could go all year round, I am planning on taking them every month! So much fun!!
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