Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our 4 Year Anniversary

So on Friday night we celebrated our Anniversary!! (thanks to my mom who was in town to watch the kids) We went out to a Brazilian Restaurant and then on the strip for the funny show of George Wallace! He was really funny! I am glad that we got to see him!! It was a great night, just Michael and I!!

I want you all to know how much I love this man! He is the best and I am very lucky to be with him!! It has been hard and sometime stressful but we really do love each other and want to be happy as a family!! Michael I love you and I am so happy that we spent the last 4 years together, and here is to more years!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Baby Names

I thought that this would be so much more fun....But it is not!!! After 2 kids and 4 years of being married, we still are have a hard time picking out a name!!
We both made a list and we both don't like anything on the each other lists!! I guess we need to find some new ones! The 100,000 name book must not be good enough!!! Goodnight I am so tired!!!

My New Camera

I love it!! I am so happy!! So watch out, I might be adding more pictures!!

Coloring Eggs!!

Okay, lets get started!!
I love this face!! He looks like he is thinking of doing something bad!!
Workin Hard!!
Makin it pretty!!
Daddy helpin!!
Lauren wanted to do it too!! She wants to do everything that everyone else is doing
MomEgg! It says Mom loves Dad!!
All Done!! So pretty!!
This is what the easter bunny left last night!!

The Easter Egg Hunt at the Town Center!

I can't belive that I got this shot!! Both of them with the Easter bunny looking my way!! WOW!!
Easter Bunny Hugs!!!

Andrew with Ronald McDonald!! Ronald put Andrew's sunglass on and Andrew thought that it was very funny!!

Lauren wasn't quite sure about this guy!!
Checking out the cute "Real" Bunny!!!

Waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt!!

Playing at the park!!

I love the slide!

There was so many people!! It was crazy!! So we just went home!! I was really sad that the kids didn't get to do a big easter egg hunt, but it's okay!! Maybe next year!!

Lets Go Home!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Camera!! =(

Still can't find my camera!! So I am going to buy a new one!! Now I am having a hard time picking one out!! I love looking right now and seeing what is out there!! So I am sad that I lost my old camera, but very excited to buy a new one!!

So Swollen

Okay I hope this is not preclapisa!! I am getting more and more swollen in the last few days!! My feet are like tree trunks!! Please pray for us that everything will be fine!! I am getting scared!!


By the way...Andrew and Lauren are off the binky!! They are doing so much better!! They are sleeping great and they are a lot better in the car! I am so glad that they are off it!! On to the next baby!!


Lauren woke up from her nap today and I started to hum to her and she totally copied me!! She was singing with me and it was so cute!! She even would do the different notes and different sounds! Andrew still will not do that!! Maybe she will be the next America idol!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Waste of my time!!

Well I woke up this morning to do some things like take the kids to there Rock and roll class and do some other things!! I dont go though the front door because I go thought the garage!! I always back up all the way to see the front door to see if I have any packages!! Anyway!! This is what I found today!!
Lovely isnt it!!
So I am wondering a few things!!
First - my dad always says he went though all this school and so why doesnt he know how to spell?? Grandma and Grandpa is one word not two!!!
Second- Is this his annoucing of his marrage?? I can tell that he is so proud of his third wife!! Maybe I dont have to break up with his girlfriend like last year!! We all know my dad makes women belive that he wants to marry them and then leaves them!!
Third- This note is suppose to be for my kids??? I have a two year old and a one year old!! Why on earth would he put it on a hooters stationary??? Come on!!!
Fourth- He has been to vegas three times now and he hasnt made any effort to see his grandkids!! What a great grandpa!! Plus I havent even met his new wife, but like I want my kids to be around that!!
I am so proud of my husband and my little family!! I never got any normal things in life when I was a kid!! We moved so much and I hated it!! My dad could never keep a job, and the grass was always greener on the other side!! I Enjoy the fact that we have bought this house and plan on being in it for a long time!! Michael has worked so hard to be a dentist and he loves his job, even though it is hard at time and very stressfull!! He know that he is doing it for his family and he looks at it in the long term!! He would never put his family in a life that was crazy!! I love you michael for all that you do!! You are a great Husband and a great Dad!! My kids are so lucky!!!
Congrats to my dad, hopefuly it will last longer than 6 months!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh where, Oh where is my camera!!!

I have lost it!! The baby has taken all my brain cells! In the last week I have lost so many things!! More than my normal missing of things!! I will admit that I do lose thing, it just comes with me, but when I am prego I think that I do it a lot more and it is worse!!
I have been looking for the last week and a half for my camera!!! I think that lauren might have thrown it away!! It is really sad if she did, I had some cute pictures on there!! I have looked everywhere!! Well hope that I can find it!! Because if I don't then I will have to go and buy a new one, I cant live with one!! Michael is not very thrilled about buying a new one either!! Well I will keep you all posted!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I need a vacation!!

I have been think lately, that I havent had a real break in a long time!! I want to go somewhere that I can only think about me!! I want to sleep in!! I want to take a shower and nap anytime I want to!! I dont want to see my kids fight!! I dont want to put anyone in timeout!! I love my kids, but if I dont take a vacation now it will be very hard with a newborn and two other kids!!
So I call my doctor to see when is the last week I can fly, and guess what they said!?!? 31 week!!! Which was last week!! So I might not be able to go on any weekend trip! SAD! SAD! So I dont know what to do! I need to think of something!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why oh Why??

Okay so it has gotten worse!! What do I do????

Andrew will not take a nap!! Last night he cried for 45 min. and fell asleep on the floor!! He gets up every night around 3:00am asking for mommy and daddy!! And everytime we get in the car he is asking for it!!

Lauren was doing good, but today for nap time she cried for 45 min. too! I went to check on her and try to comfort her and then she asked for the binky!! I feel so bad, I thought that it would have gotten better by now, but it seems to be getting worse!! But I cant go back now, I just have to live with no sleep!! Thats hard for the pregnant women, I need my sleep too!!

Monday, March 10, 2008

No More Binky!!

I did it!! We finally got rid of the Binky!! It has been three nights and they have done great!! I was really sacred to do it!! They have asked for it everyday but I just tell them that it is gone and then they dont asked anymore!! I thought that lauren would have a hard time but she has done very good!!

I did a cute little thing for them, I found all the binkys and told them that we had to give them to the binky fairy over the night! Then when they woke up they had a little gift waiting for them at the door! So I think that might have helped!! I really should have done this a long time ago but its okay they are off of it now!!