Wednesday, August 29, 2012


So I got a new ring since when I broke my hand they had to cut off the other one...anyway it's the same diamond just a new band with diamonds which turned out beautiful I love it and I am so happy with it!

Big kids

They are growing up and it makes me feel bittersweet! I love them and hope that they do good in school!! I want them to feel like they can do there work and succeed!! I am so proud of them!!

Andrew is in 2nd grade

Wow! I can't believe it, he is getting so big! He didn't really want to go back, but he did!! So far I think that he has had a good time

Lauren in kindergarten

Oh how I love this girl and how much I will miss her! But she is ready and excited to hang out with her friends! So far she loves it and shes having a great time! She goes in the morning from 9-11:45 everyday!


Courtney was a crazy kid at chruch and so I put her over on the other side of me and she was just so relaxed and fell asleep, it was so cute!


Washing and playing with her animals! She is so cute!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


As always this kids gives me a run for my money! He has been a kid who loves to challenge me on everything I say and he got older I thought that this would slow down and be different, but sadly it's worse and harder to deal with! Last year he and his teacher would talk daily about how troublesome he was and to get him tested for ADHD which I already knew he had, but I was under the impression that if you keep these kind of kids busy that it would be better for them!! Sadly I was wrong and it has been even harder on me cause I am I one doing everything! So we are trying meds and seeing if they help, if they do then great but if they don't then I will just take him off!! So far I do think that they do help and keep him focus, but now he wants to talk all day! So I don't know! We shall see!!

Lauren and Evalina's so nice when friends live so close!!!

Lauren lost her 1st tooth

I still can't believe it!! Sunday we were seating in church and her tooth was really wiggly so I was making her try to pull it out and all of a sudden she was toothless!! The tooth fairy came and Lauren was so excited about the whole thing!!! She is really starting to grow up!


We went and played with some friends! The kids had a great time!! Andrew was sad that I didn't buy him a pizza! And Michael was bent out of shape because I won...with a broken hand!! Lol. It's was fun!

Kids everywhere

I love the neighborhood we live in, kids play outside everyday (well almost). It's been fun watching the kids grow up here and for them to have just play outside!!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Broken hand

Ouch!! Before I left on my vacation I fell. But I didn't want to ruin our vacation! So when we got back I went to go get it x-rayed and yep it was broken and my hand was swollen and my ring (which was to tight anyway) need to be cut off so they could cast it!! I had to wear the cast for two weeks, I hated that thing and wanted it off! It was sweaty and stinky! Plus with all the crap I do, it was getting in the way! Doctor says that it's still broken and not to lift heavy things for about a month! I order a new band for my ring which I am now excited for! ( I was really sad about the other one getting ruined!)

Day 6- Knott's berry farm

I didn't take very many pictures this day because I took so many last time but I got a few cute ones standing in line!

Day 5- beach day

We had a great time, we played frisbee on the beach! Andrew took a run without telling us, it was a very scary 15 minutes and had to talk to the lifeguards...luckily we found him!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 4-Knott's berry farm

We did different things this time, we were able to see lots of fun/cute shows! I love the one on ice, I was very shocked that out was so good!! My kids loved the log ride and went like ten times!