Saturday, September 4, 2010

They are so sweet when they are sleeping

Yep its true, I am due at the end of April!! After I had Courtney I just knew that we would have one more, and now that Courtney is a little older and so are the others... that this will just be perfect!! I am truly excited, it will be a fun next year!!!
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Anyway there was a trail right by our house, no hills just flat ground and we drove it around!! We got this for all the kids when we go camping and such, it will be a great little toy to have around!! He is a good little rider!!
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More Swimming

My kids are pretty much fish! Still love the pool and love to pretty much go everyday!!
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Lauren Preschool

Lauren went back to preschool this week too! She has the same teacher she did last year, she will only be going two days a week! She is a very good girl and got back in the swing of things!!
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Mario Cart Backpack, Mario Cart Lunchbox, New shoes, new clothes....

Oh my!!! The day has come! He was off and loved it, no crying, no screaming, and with a hug and kiss he was off! We decided to put him in full day, well because I think half day is just for preschoolers and he was more than ready!! I just want him to think that school is full day and when next year comes around I wont have to change anything! As I left the school I did get a little teary eyed but I am so ready for him to go!! I won't lie, he is a very hard child and school will be very good for him!! So this week went well, I think that he will learn a lot and will grow up a little!! So here is to the next year!!!
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