Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I told Courtney to say cheese and this is the face I got!! It is sooo cute, and I love it!! I love that you can see all of her teeth!!!
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Okay I am VERY happy to say that Courtney is now in nursery, but also a little sad at the same time!! She did awesome and she took a nap on the way home!! I am sad because NOW she is really not a baby anymore, but to me she seems like the baby!! I don't know if its because she is the last one?? I do think that it is weird because for the past three to four years every time someone went into nursery I had a newborn or was pregnant! It's nice to know that I have some free time and that the kids are getting a LITTLE easier in some ways!!
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Halloween Yummys

We had fun making all of these goodies!! The kids loved helping me make both! I found this really cool blog and it has a lot of fun things to do and make!! www.theidearoom.blogspot.com I am a big fan!!!
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More Running

Well I ran another 5k and my time was 34:10 still so slow!! But I felt great after! I am planning on doing a half marathon in Dec. 6 wish me luck!!
(in this picture I was wearing a bottle belt and I was having major muffin top, so I made it fuzzy!)
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Sunday, October 18, 2009


So I love going to the buffets in Vegas!! If you can find a coupon for buy one get one free, its the best!! I have found a lot of places that kids eat free under the age of 4!! So on Fridays we normally take the family out to eat, and it gets expensive!! I was saving this coupon for the Palm's (a new place for us)! We ate there for 18.46 plus tip, that's for 5 people with drinks! That's less then 5 dollars a person! It was great! I am always happy to find a great deal!! The food wasn't all that good, but the price, who could beat that? Anyway the kids love walking around see the palm's, it was fun seeing a new place!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight we had so much fun!! We carved some pumpkin's and the kids loved it!! We called the inside stuff brains and the kids thought that it was so gross and funny! Courtney didn't mind, she was eating it! But overall we had a great night!!
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Potty Trained!!

My little Lauren is potty Trained!!! Now I only have one in diapers, its great!! Although I hate taking her all the time, she has the bladder of a 80 year women, but overall it will be better!! She is so proud of herself!!
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Date Night

Above is Michelle's

Above is Michael's

For one of our date nights Michael took me to the gun place to shot!! Michael has been very much into gun's lately, you know, for those guys who are going to date our Daughter's!!! Anyway I don't love the idea of shooting one myself, it loud and scary, but I do like having one in the house!! Anyway I thought that I did pretty good job, I sure kill him!! hahaha
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Syrup Party

Well one afternoon I was playing on the computer, and it was very quite!!! I kept asking the kids "what are you guys doing" and of course no reply!! I turn off the computer and start looking around, and at first I was mad, but then I told them not to go anywhere and let me take some pictures!! So I had to stop everything and throw them in the bath!! The best part is that the dog was cover in it too, so I had to give him a bath as well! The joys of these cute kids!!
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Thursday, October 1, 2009


Andrew is always asking why? It's is so cute and annoying at the same! He asked about everything from heavenly father to the dog! One day he asked me "mom why does the earth have water? He always wants to know why I am doing the stuff that I am doing! I love having such a curious little boy!