Monday, September 29, 2014

Fall leaves

Since I haven't seen fall in 11 years I was so happy to drive up the canyon and get some photos of the changing leaves!  We drove up to Estes park, it was beautiful up there!  I do feel like we went a little early but it was still pretty!

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Andrew asked Michael how his guilt was doing???   He ment gout!!!  

Lauren was telling me that I can either pick this or that... I told her to stop giving my ultimatums...she said that she didn't give me any old tomatoes and that if I would pick them they won't be old hahaha

We were at skate city and Courtney kept asking for quarters for the arcade games...we'll I paid for food and drinks and for her to skate, we weren't there to play arcade games!  So she went to skate, so I thought, then I saw her taking to the manager and then he walked with her to the skee ball and then he pulled out tickets and gave them to her...she had told him that the machine ate her quarter!!  When I asked her about it she told another lie...she found it...I told her if I ever see that again, she will not be going to skate city!  But she is very smart to figure out the system and she is only 6