Wednesday, May 25, 2011


it was everywhere and she sat in dirt! But no matter what...I still love this girl
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Michael is 32 years old

Happy Birthday to my sweetheart!!!
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Happy Birthday Courtney

I wanted to do a swim party, but the day was so cold! So I quickly looked on craiglist and found a awesome deal! Courtney loved it and we all had a great time! Miss Courtney LOVED having a party!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back pain

Well my back went out on Monday...I was at boot camp (trying to excise) We were using weights and I went to pick up a 25 pounder and as I was coming up...the pain was soooo bad! I dropped the weight and sat down quickly...I was in pain! The trainer came over and tried to help but it didn't make it better! So I went over to the physical therapist and they put heat on it and told me to rest when I got home....that day I did rest while the kids ran around, but I had to get Andrew...once Michael was home I went upstairs took a shower and went to bed! It was about 1am and Courtney came in and she went over to her dad and she wanted to sleep with us...he put her in bed with us and she was facing him, all of a sudden she puked all over him and our bed, poor girl!! Michael got up and I had to get up too...I slowly moved to the chair and he did everything! Courtney and him got cleaned up and he changed the beds, then he put Courtney back in her bed, and she came back to us saying that she throw up in her then Michael had to get up and clean her bed! He ended up staying in another bed with her the rest of the night....The next day Courtney woke up fine and was bouncing around the house! Michael was such a great sport.....I really wanted to help....but my back was in so much pain! Anyway the next day for me...I sent the kids to school...Lauren and Courtney just went to preschool and they just stayed there longer and Andrew went to school and I had a friend pick him up and he got to play a little after school! So I got to sleep most of the day, but between the pain and the drugs I was tried! After Michael came home, he put the kids to bed and the next day I was better and everyday since I have been able to do more and more! Moms are not suppose to be sick, pain, or anything else! I will most likely go back to working out within the next week and see how that goes! But I am so glad it wasnt something worse! So thats the story for this week....I am sure there will be more to come!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter 2011

The Courtney got her favorite thing...paint! She had to do it that day!
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Lately she has been extra bad! I got this fish from the fair and we kept it for awhile, it died but I was very surprised that it lasted that be honest! She dumped ALL the fish flakes in the you see it??? Then a few days later Michael decided to get a fish tank and get more fish! Lovely! Anyway I was doing something and I look over and she is in the fish tank again...this time she was all wet... I got her down and noticed that two little fish were on the counter flipping around! They lived ...thank goodness...well for a couple of days!

Courtney had also got in to the oatmeal and she decided to put it all in my carpet! Vacuumed that up! Then the next day (or so) She got in to the butter and decided to spread it everywhere.. all over her body and hair, carpet and walls...really???? The girl loves butter, but really, she doesn't need to put her whole hand in the butter!! Gross!!! Then we went swimming the other day, and I put sunscreen on my kids, then we were done swimming...I went in the house for something...come back and the BRAND new bottle of sunscreen was all over her and her hair and she was sitting in the dirt and the rest of the bottle was in squeezed in the dirt! Do you know how hard it is to get off sunscreen? Its got this waxy film and combined with dirt= not very fun!

She might be ready for pre-school!! hahaha love this girl!!!
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Scrappy the new dog

We bought him home from AZ he did really good on the way home

Isn't he cute

So far he has been a great dog!! Not to much work, cause I already have one dog.. the but I don't like that its more dog poop...but its okay! He is still very little, so I have to carry him down the stairs...he's got little legs! haha
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Quick trip to AZ

Piano time with great grandma

With the great grandparents...all smiles!!!

Uncle Bryce playing with the kids

Makenna swimming with Courtney!

Michael takes a swim with the kids kids love hanging out with the dogs!!

It was a quick trip...saw tons of new things, such as my uncle Johns apartment, saw my grandparents house, and my cousin Colin house...which he had remolded tons of stuff in his house and he did amazing job!!! Kids loved it...they love going on trips! They ask all the time to go somewhere!
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