Friday, October 26, 2012

Ruth Murdock

My Grandma passed away on October 21, 2012  It was so sad,  but also very good to have her out of pain!  I debated for a long time whether or not to go up there and see her or wait for the funeral!  I did wait and I went by myself and really had a wonderful time remembering her!  It was so nice to meet some of my family and hangout with them!   I wish we were all closer and I could see them more!  I will miss her very much and she is always in my heart!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

little update

We moved!!! not fun!  We have way to much stuff and its crazy to move after being in a house for 5 years with three kids!  :People would tell me...its sucks to move...I forgot, it does suck!  So that's what we have been doing for the last month!  Plus soccer, dance, gymnastics, school, homework, work etc  I thought that when Courtney was in preschool I would have a little more time for me...hahaha  We have been here at the new place for about a month and we still have stuff over there at the old house!    It just crazy!   The new house is a better layout it has the washer and dyer upstairs (which I just love)  the house is smaller than the last which I thought it would be easier to clean, maybe after we finish unpacking!  The backyard is nice and green with lots of grass!  I also love the neighborhood its so quiet and friendly, I have been walking my dogs every night and its so peaceful!
 I also dropped my phone, grrrrrr  and I order the new Iphone 5 and its taking forever to come in, but its also nice to have it too, but not at much as I want it back :) 
I dont have everything set up to upload pictures but next time for sure!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


It rain a lot in the last month, it was nice to have a change, but Las Vegas floods easily!

Grandpa P birthday

My dad came down for his birthday! We all went to dinner, movie and came home for cake! It was a fun celebration!! We saw finding nemo in 3D...I have seen it thousands of times but I it was great to see it on the big
screen, and the kids loved it! He also got to see Andrew play in a soccer game! Fun times!