Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone! Tonight was so perfect with the kids! Lauren with her cute little lady bug outfit, and she would go up to the door and say trick or treat, it was so cute! Courtney would just sit in the stroller and then fell asleep! Andrew was having fun with his friends and knock on all the doors! We just stay in our neighborhood this year and I loved it! Best year ever! Thanks kids for the wonderful night and all the smiles, I love seeing life thought your eyes!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Las Vegas Friends

Tickets go on sale tomorrow, Let me know if you want to go and maybe we can get a big group to go! It might be fun!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Courtney 6 Months old

My little cutie is half a year old! She is getting so big! I will be taking her to the doctor in about a month because I got her shots to late last time! She loves to be apart of everything now! She love putting everything in her mouth, shoes, paper, pens, my cell phone, etc. Yesterday Lauren gave her a crayon(I didn't see it) and she went to town on it, when I went to take it away she was so sad and was screaming! Like how dare you mom! She takes about 3 naps a day now, morning, noon, and at 5ish and sleeps for about 45min. and then goes to bed very good! She still wants me to hold the bottle for her and doesn't want to hold it herself! She doesn't want to stand up, not even for awhile, so she might be a late walker. She loves to giggle and laugh! Happy half birthday Courters.

Andrew-"Mom, Courtney James is cute"
Mom- "Yes, she is cute! But her name is Courtney Jane not James!"
Andrew-"Courtney James?"

It must be the way I say it!
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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Patience (ˈpā-shənz) is the state of endurance under difficult circumstances. This can mean persevering in the face of delay or provocation without becoming annoyed or upset; or exhibiting forbearance when under strain, especially when faced with longer-term difficulties. It is also used to refer to the character trait of being steadfast!

Well I have come to really want more patience in my life! Last week Lauren had a ear infection and this week Andrew got pink eye! Andrew throw up twice today! I feel sick, like I been hit by a bus. I feel like I am at the end of my rope! Please let me have compassion for my sick kids and let me have the understanding to help them! I really love them!! I just don't like it when we are all sick!
If people can do it with 17 kids, well then I can do it with 3, right!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trunk Or Treat

So this year Michael was called to be the activity leader for our ward! We got to do the trunk or treat, it was way fun and he did a good job! Lots of people show up, people/kids in there costumes, it was great! We had a haunted house, and we had a craft, and lots of yummy soup! Thanks for all that helped!! It was a long day so the picture above, I was making andrew stay with me and he didn't like it! Look at courtney she was trying to eat lauren's wings!

getting candy

Daddy girls!
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More trunk or treat

We had a little parade and the kids would walk around and show off there costumes! It was so cute! Lauren was a cute little lady bug!

Andrew was Deigo and he loved playing with all the kids!

Courtney was my sleeping pumpkin, ohh she is so cute!

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Austin Halloween Party

So Austin had a Halloween birthday party and it was way fun! The kids dressed up in there costumes and played lots of different halloween games! Cassey did a great job and we all had fun!
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She did it!

Lauren wanted to follow her brother everywhere, but she was a little unsure about the slide! She would just look at it and then she would watch her brother, and then she did it!! All by her self, she wouldn't let anyone help her, that's for sure! It was fun to watch her, she is growing up and it makes me sad!!
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My little pumpkin

Courtney was just so cute by these pumpkins! She wanted to eat them, it was so funny!

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Field Trip

Mrs, Natalee

Have to take pictures of the girls too! They had so much fun too!

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Andrew's Field Trip

This was Andrew little field trip to the pumpkin patch! It was fun, but they only could do the bounce house and the slide! Andrew could do that slide all day long if we let him!

Look at Andrew with the girls, already flirting!

My little cutie

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I think I live in the wrong state!

Michelle-"Michael, I miss the magic the snow brings"

Michael- "I don't, what magic"

Michelle-"I miss the snow everyday"

Michael-"Why, its cold"

Michelle-"I love being cold"

Michael- "Well I am cold all the time"

Michelle-"We will live somewhere where it snows, someday"

Michael- "It snows in NV"

Michelle-"No, I want to feel the magic of the snow in my front yard! Day after day after day!"

Micheal- "I will get you a snow blower and and shot it from the back yard to the front yard!"

Michelle-"Thanks, but it isn't really the same"

I was really impressed that he actually thought of something to say to me, and the thought of him doing this was really HOTT! I would love it if he would do it for me! But still isn't the same! I really do love the snow/cold and I miss it everyday! I complain almost everyday that it is too HOT! I call my mom and ask her if it has snowed yet, hoping to hear the snow though the phone! When she saids "No, it is a nice day" I get all sad inside! Maybe I just have that summer depression or something!

I remember when I was a kid, I love playing in the snow and I would volunteer to shove the snow off the driveway! I remember walking to school in the snow and my teacher would said isn't cold outside, and I would say "Yes, but I love it" I always wanted to have a cabin-like house and always have snow somewhere to look at though out the year!

As I think about everything, the only thing I can say is that I must really love Michael for putting up with the hot for so many years! He loves it hot =(!!

I never thought much about it when we were dating! I just thought that I was in love and happy and all other things would just fall in place! Well for the people who are dating and reading this, make sure that you have the same temp., it is our biggest fight!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Web Site

So the web site is up and running and it looks so cool! Check it out They did a great job!

Andrew Soccer Team

This is Andrew soccer team! I am so sad that Andrew doesn't want to play! You see his face, when I put him in to play this is what I see and he is so sad!! But we will go to all of the practices and games because we will finish what we started!! Maybe he will just jump in and play one of these days!!

MOM-why don't you want to play?
ANDREW- my knee hurts!
MOM-No it doesn't, you aren't a old man!
Andrew-Yes old man!!
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All in one day!!

GROSS!!! This is about how many diapers I change in one day, gross huh!! Michael didn't believe me when I told him, so here is a picture to prove it!!
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More at the fair

Cake Walk

Find goodies in the hay, we had a great time!!!
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Fall Fair

So my wonderful friend works at this school, and they were having a fall fair day. Michael donated some goodies from the practice to help her out! We went to enjoy the night and I was very happy that we did the kids loved it!

Fishing for candy

Stomp on the balloon

Get a spider tattoo, What could be more fun!
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Pumkin Cupcakes

I let them help me make them! Andrew got to crack his (baby egg) and he got it all over the table and made a big mess. It is so cute that Andrew calls it "baby egg" every time he see eggs!

Here it is..they were so proud

Lauren picture of her pumpkins, she did a great job too!!
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