Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wet and wild

So wet and wild opened and I decided to get gold opened yesterday and it was a lot of fun...the water was freezing and there was a lot of people there.....although its always going to be busy!! Anyway I got so sunburned it hurts so bad today!!! We plan to head over there tomorrow for Memorial Day since Michael took it off...I think it the first time he has ever took it off in 5 years!!

Baby Andrew

I was looking though old photos and I found this cute picture....he was so little, and that shirt was a preemie onesie!! Crazy!

Drive In

We went to see epic and the croods...they had a face painter....and the girl just loved that!!!


So the kids had Friday off so we headed to the museum, we brought a few friends and we ran into some friends from the ward!! It was fun to just hang out!!

Swim class

Courtney moved up a level....she really is a great little swimmer!!

Field day round two!

I help with Lauren class during field day and it's so fun to help in her class! She loved all the games and getting wet!

Kindergarten graduation-picture

Lauren looks so big here!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Lauren got glasses

A few weeks ago Lauren bought home a note that she didn't pass her eye exam at school...I was worried and mad at myself for not knowing there was a problem. I mean she does gymnastic and sports and has never complained. One eye was great!! The other eye couldn't even see the big we got her some cute glasses!! It will be something that she will have to get used too! But I think she looks beautiful Lauren

Field day

Both Andrew and Lauren had a great time!! We miss the fire truck...I don't know why they didn't have it...but they got ice cream instead!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Slip and slide

I have been wanting to tan a little so I got them this while I's great!!


Interesting way to eat a Apple-cob holders

A volunteer

Andrew had a project at school, and I went and's so fun to hang out with him at school!!

Bedroom set

So I was thinking....I have never had a bedroom set in my whole life!! So happy I finally got's so pretty!!!! I WANT to keep it clean and pretty!!!

Mother's Day

Michael did all the cooking and made my yummy Carmel French toast!!! Yummy Roast for dinner!! I got a homemade card from Andrew....and plant, with her picture from Lauren and from Courtney I got paper flowers with her fingerprints!! It was really cute!! Michael did surprise me and got me pepper spray and a Taser gun!! It was a great day!!! My mom also sent me a beautiful locket necklace!!! It so pretty!!


I asked Courtney what she was doing and she said that her brother tooted and that's why she was making a face

Sunday Cinco de Mayo

Church, naps and a fun little soccer game!! Michael also made Chimichangas for dinner!! It was a great day!!

Outdoor movie time

The district is doing their free outdoor movies and we love's a great time and the kids love the free popcorn!!

Bowling party

We had a great, drinks, two games, shoes all taken care of by the Chenin's!!! We really love these guys!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Swim class

Swim class is going and they're all doing really good with their swimming techniques and I think will be ready for the summer!! Wet and wild here we come!!!