Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Cute Dog!!

Thats right my dog got neuter..he had a cone on for about 4 days, he hated that thing!

My hubby might not ever SAY that he loves Mannix, so I will show you all how much these two need each other after a long day! Michael loves Mannix and Mannix loves Michael!!
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Anderson Dairy

My friend Kristy has a little preschool and they went on a field trip to the Anderson Dairy here in Las Vegas! They invited us to tag along, and I am so glad she did! It was awesome, I had no idea that they est. in 1907 and were born and raised here! At the end of the trip the kids got some ice cream! Andrew was so excited to get ice cream, he told me that night it was his favorite part!! Mine too buddy! So fun!!
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Courtney Is Two

My baby is now two! I can't ever imagine my life without her, she is so sweet and loving and always loves to cuddle with me! It seems that she can do a lot more than the others did at the same age!
Some things about Courtney
She loves Yellow
She loves Dora
She wants to do everything that brother and sister do!
We took her off her Binky and two months later we gave it back and is more in love with!
Loves care bears
Love all shoes
Loves to look pretty and have me do her hair
She loves to go to gymnastics and loves jumping on the tramp!
She loves string cheese and wants it every morning
She loves blueberries

She is one amazing little girl and I just love her I am soooo lucky to be her mom!! Happy birthday Courtney!!!

So happy to be two!
Singing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out her candles
Eating her Dora cake!
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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

So I have done this for awhile but I still wanted to post about it! 6 little feet and no shoes!! I can't find shoes anywhere, I find one shoe but I can't find the other one anywhere! They get put all around our house!! It makes me so mad that I can't find anything that I buy and we use our shoes everyday!! So to keep thing nice and easy, once and while I go though the shoes and match them all up! I use binders so that they can stay together! It works, if I stay on top of them, and my life a little easier!!

How do you make your life easier???
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80's party

Michael was at the dental Townie convention last weekend and they had a 80's party! They had the party at the dolphin habitat at the Mirage, what a great place to have a party! We had a great time!! The dolphins were very sociable and they wanted us to play with them! We also saw the tigers and they too were very active and playing in the water! People dress up, and it was great to see everyone in the costumes, I love the 80's, hot pink, hot green!! It was a wonderful night and it was great to go on a date with my hubby!!!
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Andrew 's 5th Birthday

That's right, my little boy is now 5 years old! We had a wonderful birthday for him! He wanted a Chuggington birthday, which is a brand new show and it doesn't have any birthday related stuff here in the united states! So I got a little crafty and made some stuff! Anyway for his birthday I rented a bouncy house and a cotton candy machine! The kids loved it!! I also made this cute train cake and I think that it turned out really cute!
Some of my favorite things about Andrew:
He can put his shoes on all by himself
He can buckle his own seat belt
He still loves to cuddle me
He can clean up a little
He calls me beautiful, cute Mommy
He is potty train and hasn't had any problems for about a month now!!
He helps his sisters do things!
Although there is soooo much more I could write, he is one great kid and I am so lucky to be his mom!! Happy birthday Andrew!! We love you very much!!
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Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

We had a wonderful day and a great Easter dinner! My dad was here to celebrate it with us and the kids had a blast!!
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Sunday, April 4, 2010


We decided to go to Zions last minute one weekend and we had a blast!! Michael really needed to get out of town!! When we first met 6 years ago (pretty much our first date) we went to Zions and hiked the narrows, which is 16 miles long, and it was fun to see the place again!! We did go on a 2 mile hike with the kids and they loved it!! I would love to do the narrows again, it was so fun and hard at the same time! The trip was a pretty good trip, I think that life/travel is getting a little easier now that the kids are getting older, which is so nice!!
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