Sunday, August 29, 2010


So last week I went and got a treadmill so I could walk or run, and try to get my little bug back! Anyway everyday last week I walked/ran on it, yes be proud! But on Tuesday we had a horrible thing happen! Andrew and Courtney got hurt on it! Andrew has rug burns all over his body and Courtney has a bad one under her arm! They screamed for about 1 1/2 hours it was awful!
Story is...when I got done running I put the little key on the top of the fridge and went outside to water my garden, kids were just playing around the house! Andrew moved the bar stool and got up to the fridge, got the key and went over to the treadmill and started to mess around! Courtney must have been standing by and somehow got hurt, and then Lauren put it on high and Andrew slipped and got hurt too! They came to me screaming and I got them cleaned up and we headed to the doctor, to have them check out! It was awful and I felt so bad for them, but a part of me was so mad at Andrew because he knew better!! I told him that it wasn't a toy and everything! I even moved the key so that he wouldn't get it, but sometimes for Andrew that's a challenge! It hard to have a kid, who when you say, NO he will find a way to make you say YES, or he will do it anyway!!

Andrew's Spring Festival

Andrew was in Super Cubs for the Spring Festival! He did a great job at the festival and I was so proud of him! Andrew has always had a thing for gymnastics!! He is really good at it! Well he moved up again, its a very special class where you have to be invited into the class, its called Tomcats and its only for boys! He loves it and thinks its really cool!! I am so happy and proud of him!

The reason the pictures are so late is because they lost them and had to reprint them! I am just happy to have them!
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Right after I had Courtney I have been working out and dieting for about 2 years straight!! I did boot camp, I did the half marathon, I watched everything I ate!! I wanted to lose all this weight, I hated it when people ask me if I am pregnant,(and I still do)!! Its not fair that some people can have kids and get their body back!! Or just naturally skinny people, you people make me sick!!

Well for the last 3 months I have just given up!! I am sick of working out and dieting, and still being fat!! So if you see me and I look bigger, NO its not because I am pregnant!!

I do hope that I will be able to get that workout bug again!!! It will be better for me in the future and it will help me live longer!! I know that!! Maybe when the Biggest loser is on again I will get motivated again!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

31 Pounds

Michael has been on a diet for about 30 days, and now has lost 31 pounds!! I wanted to share because I am so proud of him!! He wants to lose more, but I think he looks great and will continue to support him!! YEAH MICHEAL!!!!

Fish Lake

We had a wonderful time up at fish lake!! It was so nice to go camping and see the wonderful outdoors!! We went with are good friends the Smith family!! These pictures are in NO order, but please in enjoy!!

No make-up and yummy S'mores

He caught a fish!! It was a big as he was!! He was so happy and excited!!

My little fisherboy!

Me driving the boat!!

Courtney having a great time on the boat!!

Lauren is driving the boat, with Michael

Staying warm

My boys

My best friend Diana and her family!! (See how cute Andrew and Azlynn are)

This was on the way to Fish Lake, about 5 1/2 hours

We had great food on this trip!!
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Monday, August 9, 2010

No More

Well I am so done with the Binky!! Courtney might love it, but I can't stand it anymore!! I just took it from her cold turkey like 5 days ago!! She is doing okay, but she still wants it, but between the dog eating them and her losing them all the time, I was just done!! I might be mean, but if I don't stop it now, she might actually be that kid who has it when she 5!! So no more!! She just might hate me forever!!

FYI she is a better kid with it, oh well!!!

Anderson Medow

Well camping with kids is always so fun!! Its hard, but so worth it!! Anyway on this trip we got rain/hailed out and so we only stayed two days!! The hail was the size of M&M's, it was crazy!! It was a freezing most of the time!! But we enjoyed eating by the campfire and talking to our friends!! We also did some fishing, we didn't get anything, but it was still fun for the kids!!
We left around 8o'clock and when we got to Mesquite, Michael couldn't drive anymore and we decided to get a hotel and finish the drive in the morning, we were so tired!
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