Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sunday dinner

It's a good thing I married a man who can cook!!!  He made these a few Sundays ago and they were yummy!!

Summer homework

So at the beginning of the summer I gave them some work books and told them I would give them a big prize if they finished...Courtney was first and she got a new build a bear...the cats name is white glitter.  So proud of her  

Splash park

Kids loved getting out of the house

So sweet

My mom sent me these pretty flowers cause I broke my mom ever

Broken hand

So here we are 11months later I I break my other hand!  I was playing soccer and i was going for the ball and just fell on it weird! Went to the doctor and they said I have to wear a cast for three weeks...argh.  It my right hand, it has been hard but Ill figure it out!  It does hurt!

Date night

We met up with the pulsipher's for dinner at the out was great fun

Sunday, July 21, 2013


The girl started up gymnastic again. They are in the same class, it's so cute to see them together!

Sky zone

They opened at new trampoline place right by our's a great place to play and jump around and it's a great workout!

Movie night

....turbo it was a great movie

Andrew 8 year old photos

Better late then never...he is so cute!  I cant believe that he is 8 

Lake Las Vegas

We are a crazy family!

Lake las vegas is always fun on the 4th of july!  
We always have a great time and the fireworks are beautiful!!

Roo's and More

There is a place/city in nv called moapa and they have a zoo where they have all different sorts of animals...we went in the middle of july so it was very hot but we all had a great time and got to spend time with the animals!