Friday, February 25, 2011

Getty Museum-2-CA

Do you see Andrew? He is sitting behind Lauren in the stroller playing Mario, pretty much the whole time we were there he was playing with it! hahaha The museum is Hugh and full of tons of different things to see and do! Most of it is art from the past and what they did back in the olden days...the kids like the family part but we might have to go back and see the rest, the kids got bored really quickly, but the stuff we did see was amazing and worth seeing!! The place is free to visit but you have to pay for much fun!!!
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Getty Museum-1-CA

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Angels Flight Railway-CA

Downtown LA they have this railway and it was made a long time ago and back in those days they used it for the rich people. The rich people lived at the top and the poor people lived at the bottom. It was .25 to ride and it would go up and down! Another fun thing that we did while we were in California!
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Little Train Ride-CA

Every three weeks they do this little train ride (its free) they take you around and its kind of neat because the train is so small and carry a lot of people! Its was perfect thing to do and the kids loved it!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LOVE day!

Daddy always brings the kids sweet little gifts for the kids! They got balloons and flowers and necklaces and candy...Lauren and Courtney slept with there balloons and bags!! It was so cute...but I had to made sure that the balloon was away from Courtney's head so that the string wouldn't get wrapped around here head! Michael got me some goodies too, it was a fun day!!!
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Friday, February 11, 2011


Yep I got glasses! I was having some issues with reading and headaches, so I went to the eye doc and got a eye exam. It was 50% worse then the last time, can you believe that??? I picked out some new frames! I love seeing again, its like seeing in HD!!! I have been wearing them all the time and its so nice, and when I take them off, oh man, I can't see and everything is blurry! Weird, I must be getting old and my babies took everything from me!! But that's okay!!!
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Valentines Playgroup

Our church had a Valentines party and it was so much fun! All the kids played games and did crafts, it was great! They passed out the valentines and got a bunch of treats! Happy V-day!!
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Baby Shower

I had the chance to throw a baby shower for my good friend who is having a boy! A lot of people were like OOHH are you sure you can do that?? Absolutely!!! I was so happy to have something else on my mind, it was so nice to plan and soooo easy! All of our friends helped and it came together nicely! The girl that did the food was amazing and the food was delicious!! Fun Fun! Now I just want to have more parties!!!
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Hockey Game

Are great friends had some tickets and weren't able to go so asked us if we wanted to go, and of course we said yes! We all had a great time! The first time they kind of got into a fight I was a little shocked and was worried, but it was fun to see!! That was my first time ever going to a hockey game and it was really cool and fun! The kids love eating their cotton candy...good times!
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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Craiglist Deal

I was so excited to find this great playground, I had to find the right one that would fit into our backyard and I got it for a great deal!! It will also work for a slide into the awesome and the kids love it...and yes its the end of January and we can go play outside! I love the vegas weather!

Just a cute picture of Andrew and its sad how fast he is growing up...those pants are 5t and growing out of them...can't beleive that he will be 6 soon! =(
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Dance Class-together

I have been wanting to put the girls in dance for a while now, but just wanted to find the right time! I am taking the kids out of gymnastics..I am bored and need a change, I might come back I might not...Anyway I love this new place, its close to the house and the girls can take it together...its wonderful! Its called Pre-dance and they do ballet for the first 30min. and the next 30min. they do tap! They love tap!!! Aren't they so cute...They are so much fun to watch too!

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