Friday, February 29, 2008

My Big Belly! 32 weeks

For the People who want to see my cute big belly!! I am now 32 weeks and I feel so big!! I am so tired all the time, well I am chasing my two other kids all over!! But all is good!! Still need to find a cute name, but there is still time!! By the way...Andrew was born at 31 weeks!!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Andrew has been sick for about a week!! But tonight (after not wanting to eat in two days) wanted to eat and play around! Well after dinner I told Michael that the kids need a bath and asked him to do it because my back hurts (such a great guy)!! Well all of sudden he saw little brown poop floating around the tub, so I dont know if it was lauren or andrew! Anyway take out the kids and clean it up! Then he put the kids back in! Then about 20 min. later Michael called out my name again and said that he need help, andrew just throw up in the tub!! Michael took out lauren just in time and then threw andrew into the shower!! Michael also cleaned it up again and then he took a shower!! Poor Michael!! Better him than me j/k!! Hats off to the best husband in the world!!

Monday, February 25, 2008


So tonight for family home evening we all sat in our hot tub!! It was so much fun!! Andrew is trying to swim and lauren is right behind him!! It is so nice to have are own hot tub!! We turned the temp down so that I could go in it with the kids!! It was like a big bath tub with jets!! So much fun for the prego lady!!!

To tired!!!!

I made it sound like michael was driving the ranger and he was the one that tip it over! Not true!!! Kolby was the one who was driving and andrew and michael were passagers!! Kolby is the crazy man hahaha!! I am just happy that everyone is okay!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Camping at the Dumont Dunes!!

We had a great time! The kids loved it! The weather was perfect!! We have the greatest friends that we got to hang out with!! Our kids get along so well!!

Andrew had so much fun!! I think that someday I will have to buy him a little atv!! Michael and Andrew did flip over the ranger but everyone is okay, well kolby is hopping around because he hurt his foot, but everyone made it and had a great time!!

I did go on the Ranger Twice, but it was really a bump ride and looking back maybe I shouldnt have gone but oh well everything is still good and the baby is kicking all the same!!

Michael did some new things like go all the way up to comp hill!! He loved it, although when he went down he got a little sarced!! He also learned how to do a jump!! He did get the atv on two wheels but he didnt mean too!!

I am warning you, there a lot of pictures!!

We are ready!! LETS GO!!!

Here is the first day we were there!! Daddy and Lauren!!

Andrew was more than ready!! He wanted to be the first to ride!! He was waiting for Kolby to put his helmet on!!

And their off!! Hold on Andrew!!
Lauren and I watch Andrew have tons of fun!!
I could do this all day!!
See you later mom!!

Lauren first time and of course she did get a thrill out of it!!

Thats better, I like the ground!!

The Ranger
My Fearless little boy!!

Daddy cookin Smores!! Yummy Yummy!!

I want more!!!
What are you eating?? Give me some!!
Finally they want to be with dad!! I'm Free!!

It's been a long day, I am sooo tired!!

Turn off the lights!! I am ready to go to bed!!
Lets go!! I am ready!!
Michael is ready to have some fun!!
Arent I sooo Cute!!

So where are we going??? I will follow you!!

Hanging out with the girls!!
Playing in the sand, yes I did get sand everywhere(and I mean everywhere)
Playin with daddy!!
These two kids were being so cute and playing together!
Marriage is hard but sometimes we do love each other!!
I wonder who she looks like??? Michael
More fun on the atv's
Helpin clean up!! So cute!!

Friday, February 15, 2008


So I have so many bows now, and what to do with all these bows?? So I made this cute little bow holder and I wanted to show it off!! I love it and now I can see exactly what I have!! It is in my bathroom and I see it all the time!! Love it!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Does anyone have any cute girls names that they would share with us?!? We are having a hard time, so if you hear anything cute let us know!!

New Due Date

Well I was wrong about the due date!! I thought that the dr. told me the 11th of May, but it is really the 2nd of May (which is michael's 30th birthday) We will be having the c-section on April 25, 2008!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Phantom of the Opera

Oh my gosh!! I went to the show last night and it was amazing!! I went with a bunch of cute girls from ward!! Then we went out for dinner after!! I was really glad that I could go and see this show!! Michael was happy that he didnt have to see it with me because I dont think he would love it as much as I do!! We sat 6 rows up from the stage and we could see everything, I mean everything!! This is now my third time seeing the show and it was great!! So much fun!!!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Brother and Sister True love!!

I love these pictures!! It really makes me so happy to see them playing together, it makes my heart melt!! I love these kids so much!! I thank god everyday for them!! They are my little mircles! I love the picture of them holing hands!!
Today I locked my keys in the car so we had to stay home all day, but the day was so nice outside that we just had fun playing outside!! The kids loved it!! I love vegas because the kids can play outside in the middle of feburary!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Loving Lauren!!

I love having this sweet girl!! She is a doll!! She is so sweet and tries to help all the time!! She sayes so many cute things!! I love dressing her up with bows and cute clothes!! I went though the clothes tonight and wow...she has so many!! I think that I went a little crazy, but thank goodness that I am having another girl so that she can use it too!!