Thursday, February 21, 2013

Being cute

Pinewood derby

This year the car kept lifting up, the front was to light! so we didn't even place, But we all had fun!

Blond again

Sleeping beauties!!

Paint and park

The girls have been asking all the time to go back and do more painting! So we went and this time we brought evelina! The girls did a great job!
We went over to sunset park and we feed the birds and played on the playground! It was a great day!

Grandmas birthday

Grandma came into town and we went shopping and then went back to the hotel and had cake!! It was a nice day and we had lots of fun!!

Sweetheart dance

The school was doing a dance for the girls and there daddy's!! Michael came to the door with little stuffed animals! They all said they had fun and dance the night away!! It was a fun night for all of them!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Valentines day

My mom had sent the kids cards and shirts!! she also sent me these little charms!!! My dad sent us cards too it was fun to go to the mailbox!! I made these cute cards for the kids classes! I helped in Lauren's class! And the kids had a great day! Nothing else happened, it would have been fun to go do something with Michael but I guess he didn't have time for lunch or dinner! He got home around 8 and we were in bed at 9!! Oh well!!!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Skiing with Andrew

I have been wanting to take Andrew skiing, but never found the time! But I made some during winter break and we went on a day date!  It was so much fun and he got the hang of it, but at first he hated it and wanted to go home!  Then by the end of the day he didnt want to go home!  It was just fun to spend the day with him and I hope to do it again one day!!!


January is always a little hard for me since brook passed away, but we are still here in this life!  Kids are still cute and we are trying to keep up!  Michael has changed things at work so it keeps him there even longer but hopefully they will befit us in the end!!  I am still doing all the kid things, it never seem to end! Here are so highlights of the last month!