Thursday, July 3, 2014


Finally got the tramp up!!!

Fathers dad gifts

I think they turned out so cute!!!!

My birthday-34

Grateful for my my family and friends!!!  Always trying to live in the present!!!

Crazy boy

Took the kids to chuck e chesse and this is what he did the whole time

A cute pic of us

We went to a birthday party and had a great time by the fire!!

Sprinklers in the backyard!


It was a great movie!!!!!!!

Spoiled :)

I finally got a new computer and desk!! It was needed!!!

Soccer ball imprint

It hurt but I love to play soccer!

Inflatable 5k race

I am so glad I did was so much fun!  The girls I ran with were very nice !!!  The kids did a half a mile and Andrew got first place...he was so excied!! 

Zoo-again ;)

Hu hot with uncle Jon

We love this place!!!


I love getting a good deal...all of these for 107...the place was going out of we stocked up

Just because

Michael brought these was so sweet!

Fun at the bay

RS activity

We made bath was fun

Camping memorial weekend

Best buy ever

They love playing on the bar!!!!

The girls riding bikes

Lauren in gymnastics

She loves it!!

Eating lunch at school

The kindergartens are getting resist for 1st's sad cause I will miss my lunch partner 

Fishing on the canoe

Soccer is over...

Good job boys!!  We had a great year!

Camping in the backyard!!

We are going camping so we practice in the backyard...the kids thought it was fun!!!

Kisses from the baby!

Love her so much 

Rainey day