Thursday, February 2, 2012


Last night I had the worst dream! Michael moved out and was living in a apartment and was living with some guys and was living like a HOARDER, it was awful! Poop on the ground, trash everywhere,and the floor was breaking every time I walked! I thought How could he live like this? In the dream, he moved there because we were in a fight! I woke up very sad!! What a sad thought! I hope this EVER comes true! I don't know why I would dream this!

Last night before the dream....I was talking about Michael about the last 8 years....We were talking about the new practice and how he was getting money in and how all the money went out! So pretty much all the extra money went to bills :) which is great! I am glad that we aren't going in the hole for the practice anymore! But we aren't making extra money for fun stuff! Not that I need FUN stuff, but in the last 8 years (since being married) we really haven't done a REAL vacation! We have done tons of weekend trips and family trips, but this last year we went up to Colorado and had a wonderful time, but it wasn't a trip that I call a vacation, Michael was worried about the practice the whole time, because he was moving it and the whole reason he took it off was because he had to close and move! Then the next week he took off was for knee surgery, which REALLY isn't a vacation for me! I would like a week with him by myself and another week with the kids doing something great! A YEAR! two weeks doing something fun without rushing to get back to work!! I never thought that owning your own practice would be that he would never take time off! Michael works from 8-8 Monday-Friday.... I am so glad that he loves to work and he is a hard worker for our family...But I am trier of not seeing him my kids are trier of not seeing him! And when hes home, he is trier and wants to just crash...I really don't think that this is healthy for anyone involved! I am hoping for a new year of wonderful things and I will be able to spend more time, with my best friend! I really do love him and its great to be able to know that we will be spending eternity with each other! But my kids are only little once and they will grow and move on!
So maybe that's why I had that horrible dream! But I would never want that to happen!

Last year was horrible and I hope that we can move forward and learn from the past! No matter what happens, I don't care... as long as I am with my family!!! and my best friend Michael!! They are the only thing irreplaceable!!!